about our company...

    our company was first established in 1982. since then, we have been exporting chinese merchandise to customers in many countries. based in hong kong, china, we specialize in supplying hardware products, such as locks, furniture accessories, and general hardware. 

our customers enjoy:

competitive prices | reliable quality | timely service | peace of mind



in today's increasingly competitive market, prices are often the primary concern for many buyers.  every aspect of our business has been streamlined for maximum efficiency.  we understand that every dollar we take off the overhead will turn into our customers' saving.

we don't waste your money on flashy offices and handsome receptionists. as a result, you will get competitive prices from us, and we don't stop there. we offer uncompromised services despite the price competition.


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while the price competition has become intense, the market is filled with inferior products. being a reputable supplier, we make no compromise. we supply what we offer.

with our long-term partnership with some of the best factories in the nation, we have tight control over the quality of our products. we stand behind our products, which is why we have kept our customers happy for over 20 years.


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it is common to have to wait weeks or even months to get a reply from a chinese supplier. we find it we feel embarrassed if it takes us more than 1 business day to reply to an inquiry.

in order to avoid misunderstanding of spam mails, please provide your full contact details and description to help us understand your needs. our agents will be more than happy to answer your questions promptly, even after business hour.


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established in 1982, our company has a longer history than many factories in the industry. credibility sets us apart from the rest of the competition.

dealing with our company in hong kong, customers also enjoy the added protection of a well developed legal system.

with over two decades of industry expertise, you know what to expect from us. we are conservative, yet agile. we focus on what we do, and work hard.


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